Enterprise Mobile Security

Data is the world’s most valuable resource. Companies are fighting to collect more information as it helps them leverage data-driven practices for growth hacking. Sensitive information stored by businesses is a target for hackers and competitors, as they can leverage such data for rapid monetization.

Energy Industry

The energy industry is a highly volatile market, where a problem with one player can quickly affect the whole industry. Due to the geopolitical significance of energy companies, there’s a high risk of attack by hacktivists and foreign states. Shareholders need to travel regularly and use mobile devices for carrying out critical, highly-sensitive communication.

Encrypt mobile chat, voice and video communication with military-grade algorithms against eavesdropping by third parties such as foreign governments or mobile carriers

Perfect-signal, worldwide coverage multi-IMSI SIM card with in-built VPN

Avoid man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks with an IMSI-Catcher Detector Technology

Anti-tracking technology

Admin-level control over users to assign different permission levels and control security more granularly

On-premises deployment option, infinitely scalable infrastructure

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical institutions store large amounts of patients’ data. The cost of R&D in the pharmaceutical industry is extremely high, and due to this, such data is of high value for competitors. Most organizations are a target of outside attacks due to unintentional employee cooperation.

Secure internal messages and calls with end-to-end encryption, facilitating even long-distance communication with other organizational facilities

Secure mobile data about patients or such that can be a target to attacks through data-at-rest security in combination with anti-tampering technology

Secure file sharing

Product training for a shorter integration period

Control over employees mobile devices and user groups to be configured and strict clearance levels to be achieved

On-premises or cloud deployment options

Finance & Banking

With 35% of breaches in the financial services industry, it is amidst the ones with the highest risk of data breaches. Personal information stored by financial institutions and banks can be associated with financial assets and used for fast capitalization. At the same time, successful breach costs companies in the sector much more than the sums of money they will potentially have to restore. The reputational damage from the implication that a bank is ill-equipped to protect its customers’ assets could cost it its business. Nevertheless, breaches do happen with alarming frequency.

Avoid Reputational damage – 360-degree protection of your mobile data

Encrypt internal chat, email, and voice communication with 2048-bit encryption keys

Secure file sharing and file storage

Secure Internal network communication through anti-eavesdropping technology

Anti-tampering encrypted storage against impersonation or identity theft

Control over user groups, device policies, clearance levels, and mobile communication systems

On-premises and on-the-cloud deployment options

Corporate end-users

Cyber attacks are rising due to the active utilization of data in corporate and government organizations. Mobile devices are the weakest link due to their architecture. Surveillance technology is broadly accessible. Sensitive personal and business information shared via a regular smartphone can be easily obtained by third parties – hackers, mobile operators, corporations, and governments.

Secure critical mobile communication data through end-to-end encrypted chat, email, and voice calls.

Secure mobile data-at-rest against physical tampering through encrypted storage and security-hardened hardware

Secure file sharing and file storage


Worldwide connectivity without additional roaming fees

Complex triple-password protection

Security-hardened hardware

Leave no trace online


For organizations having more specific requirements, we offer mobile device customization options, software development services, and integration.

Secure your organization’s mobile data and communications today.