Security Consultancy

As part of our services for protecting all mobile data, we offer clients an initial security consultancy. The counseling is aimed at providing you with an assessment of your current level of security regarding mobile communication and data. Our security experts help you understand current issues, the threats you face, and challenges ahead and advise you on the best approach and solution.

Communication Security Audit

Man-in-the-middle attacks can easily penetrate unencrypted communication systems. We review your communication channels, and current data flows, creating a vulnerability assessment. Our team performs additional cell phone forensics services to analyze the current level of mobile communication security and surveillance threats.

Spyware Forensic Detection

Mobile devices are extremely vulnerable to malware and spyware as most of them don’t employ even simple security. Malicious software on the device can steal data and send it to a third party. Our forensic team makes a spy app research by conducting a low-level autopsy analyzing different indicators of compromise (IOC) to determine whether your mobile data has been compromised and what’s the severity of the problem. We can undertake a forensic analysis to identify the responsible parties and isolate the unique installation key for legal follow-up.

Risk Analysis & Assessment

We base our security audits on the NIST Framework, evaluating your organization’s security against internationally recognized security criteria. Based on the analysis, we create a risk assessment to identify and prioritize the security risks you face. The procedure is crucial for heavily regulated industries.

Debugging Sweeps

For organizations working with highly confident data, we offer Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Our forensics team sweeps for eavesdropping devices, covert scouting cameras, malicious sensors, and spyware. We can cover mobile devices and infrastructure, organizational offices, conference rooms and centers, off-site meeting locations, vehicles, and even home offices, and hotel rooms. Based on the investigation, we can identify security weak-points and strengthen them to ensure there’re no unauthorized communication devices at your next meeting.

Penetration Testing

Our Red team carries out a thorough penetration testing of your mobile communication system to find weak points and gain insights about infrastructural loopholes opening threat vectors.

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